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srijeda, svibanj 29, 2013

Some Tips and Tricks

Hi friends, Hows life going ? I am posting after long time. As Per many request of my friends, I am sharing some tips and tricks about Neobux For Noobs and Professionals.
I have myself Earned More than $73 without Investing a penny from my side when I started. I Clicked Daily ( not even missed even one ). In few weeks when i reached $2 then i rented referrals and kept on clicking and so on. Within 1.5 Months i was able to make good profit. I am really happy with Neobux. Neobux is 100% Genuine and I am sure you will also make good profit.
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With the number of paid to click (PTC) sites out there on the internet, it's difficult to find a reliable and trustworthy site that will pay its members to view advertisements as well as stick around long enough for members to reap the benefits. NeoBux does just that and allows anyone with patience and persistence to earn money online simply for viewing advertisements.
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1.Keep in mind that this PTC site is in no way a get rich quick method and should not be looked at as a sole method to make money online. If you want to try out this route, it's best to look at it as a side hobby...something you can spend 10 minutes a day doing.

2.Another thing to keep in mind is that there is absolutely no requirement to invest any money on your part. NeoBux does allow you to rent referrals as well as upgrade your account, but you can easily do this with your earnings. If you would prefer to invest money in order to speed things along, you are able to, but it is totally optional.

3.Sign up for an account at NeoBux (see Resource Section below for a direct link).

4.Once you are signed up, you can begin to get paid to click on advertisements. Standard membership pays $0.01 per ad and provides you with anywhere from 4-6 ads per day. It's not much to start out with at all, which is why I recommend you consider it a hobby for now.

5.When you have earned enough money, rent some referrals. With the Standard Membership, you earn an additional $0.005 for each advertisement your referrals view.

6.This PTC site allows you to rent referrals starting at $0.28 per referral for 30 days. However, do not spend all of your earnings on referrals! You will need to keep a little extra in your account in order to renew or recycle your referrals if need be. NeoBux allows you the ability to recycle your rented referrals should they become inactive and aren't earning money. This is a great addition when you consider that when direct referrals stop clicking, you stop earning and have no control over it.

7.Once you have some rented referrals under your belt, active the Auto Pay feature. When a referral logs into their account and clicks on an ad, their rental history is automatically extended for one day. This is a great way to keep active referrals and make it easier for you to make money online. In addition, it will save you 10% off of the standard monthly referral rate.

8.When you log in to view advertisements each day, take a look at your referrals to monitor their activity. If any of them are inactive, you can easily recycle them for a new referral for $0.08 in order to keep your referral activity level up and earn more money online. How long you allow a referral to remain inactive is completely up to you, but if possible, it is recommended that you do not let them go more than 4 days without any activity.

9.Continue to repeat steps 4 through 7. Remember it may take some time to earn money online and increase the number of your rented referrals.

10.When you have earned enough money, upgrade your account to Golden (membership costs $90.00). The Standard membership will only allow you to rent up to 500 referrals. By upgrading to Golden (or higher) you can rent even more referrals and save on rental costs.

11.Again, repeat steps 4 through 7 on a daily basis. As your referral list grows, you may find that you will need to spend more time each day at NeoBux in order to monitor activity. By this time, however, you should be earning more than pennies a day.

Tips & Warnings

Again, this is not a get rich quick method by any means. If you can be patient and persistent with it, you will make money online with this PTC site. It's going to take time (in some cases a long time), but it can be done.
Remember to log in and view your ads every day. If you are not viewing ads, you will not get paid for your referrals clicks.
If you are feeling discouraged, check out the NeoBux forum. There are a lot of folks who post information regarding their methods, earnings, and provide payment proofs. This can be great motivation.
If you're up for it, find some folks to sign up under you as direct referrals. You don't have to rely solely on rented referrals, but it can be a great perk considering how difficult it can be to find direct referrals

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